Hitachi ZX200-5A Final Drive 9233692

Part number:YB60003498 9242907 9257553 9257254 9233692
Apply for: Hitachi ZX200-5A ZX240-3 ZX240-3G ZX240LC-3G ZX240LC-5G  ZX240-5A


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Weight 550 kg
Dimensions 85 × 67 × 78 cm

Original rebuilt


6 months


wooden case

    • Brand Hitachi ZX200-5A Final Drive 9233692  With Motor One-year warranty.—Quality guarantee in the business.Final drives play a crucial role within a machine’s drive train by transferring power to the tires or tracks while providing speed reduction and torque increase. If you’re not sure which final drive is suitable for your machine, contact us at:Phone: +86 13501533176
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